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The second biggest purchase you will make in karting will be some quality racewear!. I know times are tough and its tempting to buy cheap, but i would seriously advise against it as this is your protection!.

Have you ever heard the saying, "buy cheap pay dear". Its something you don't want to hear in Motorsport. Racewear is there to protect you, cutting corners to save a bob here and there could mean the difference between life and death!.

Helmets: Pick a good quality NEW helmet. I always advise you to buy new because you know the exact history of the helmet, so can be assured its not been involved in any incidents, know it hasn't been dropped etc. The helmet should fit snugly, you don't want the helmet to be slack and move about as it will not offer the protection you need.

Racesuit: There are loads of racesuit's available these days in a range of styles and designs. If you buy a second hand race suit make sure there is no rips or tears, as this will not offer the protection you need. Always try to pick a quality manufacturers suit, they have years of experience and wont let you down.

Race Gloves: Go for the leather style gloves as it offers maximum grip and resistance to abrasions and burns.

Race boots: The boots should fit perfectly!, If they are too big it can cause your feet to slip on the pedals, so make sure you get measured professionally (Just because your shoe is a size 11 doesn't mean your race boots will be). The boots should also offer the ankles some kind of protection too.